Pink Shirt Day, Wed., February 27, 2019


Here are links to some videos that tell of the origins of this annual event: (junior  & senior high;  preview first to be aware of content)
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Verbal Abuse Prevention Week, Oct. 1-7, 2018


The first week of October is Verbal Abuse Prevention Week. Although it originated in PEI in 1999, it is now a Canada-wide event. It is the result of efforts by an Island family that wanted to do something to counteract the devastating effects of verbal abuse. Schools, families and communities all have a role to play in encouraging everyone to “think before you speak.”

Here is one place online for some activity ideas:

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Free Webinar: Walking Through Grief – Introduction and Overview

free webinar image

Grief is a normal and appropriate reaction to the death of a loved one, the experience of separation/divorce, intergenerational loss, or the loss of opportunity. While there are similarities in how individuals work through loss, grief is a complicated and unique experience that requires helpers to be sensitive to the needs and experiences of those they are supporting. This webinar gives an overview of what grief is and the multileveled issues that may influence this experience.

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Pink Shirt Day 2018 is February 28


The focus of this year’s campaign is cyberbullying.

This video explains the origin of Pink Shirt Day.


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognizes Canadian School Counselling Week

This link is to the video message from Prime Minister Trudeau:

school counsellors matter pic

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Mindfulness And The Brain Made Easy

This article with great infographics helps children, as well as adults, gain a better understanding of :

1. The key players in our brains.
2. What they do for us.
3. How we can help them do a better job for us.

So that we get to decide how to respond in difficult situations …
… instead of reacting based on emotions alone.

CE848250-3761-49D8-9F64-33E2F7FB7992Find out more with this link:

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School Counselling Week, Feb. 5 – 9

PDFSchool Counsellors are invited to join in the celebration of the Canadian School Counselling Week, Feb. 5-9, 2018.   The goal of Canadian School Counselling Week is to increase the public’s awareness of the scope of programs and services that characterize the school counselling profession in Canada within the twenty-first century and beyond. This special week will highlight the role school counsellors play in supporting student success. It will also build a sense of national identity within the School Counselling Profession.  Please go to the CCPA website for the Canadian School Counselling Week package and sample material.

In extending what we do with students on a daily basis, attached are a few links to help promote positive attitudes and self-love within our schools. Think of them as ways to challenge students and staff to look at themselves and be more positive towards themselves and towards other.

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